Hyde & Co.

A blend of two worlds, Hyde & Co. was crafted around the concept of Jekyll & Hyde. Drawing inspiration from the Singapore story: of its past - the old world British charm and its present - a thriving independent metropolis, Hyde & Co. is a cozy contemporary English-themed local cafe located in the heart of the vibrant Kampung Glam precinct. Wrapped in the ambience and feel of a classic British cafe, Hyde & Co. is a welcoming hideout from the rush of the daily life. Despite its British appearance, Hyde & Co. gives a glimpse into its dual personality through its well thought-out fusion creations that incorporates both novel and familiar flavours including its signature Chili Crab Pasta, Har Cheong Kai Chicken Waffle and Ondeh Ondeh French Toast. Hyde & Co. is also the haven for tea lovers with an entire menu dedicated to a whimsical selection of unique tea brew.

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785 North Bridge Rd, Singapore

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